2335 Adams Drive N.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30318
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Parkour is awesome
At Atlanta Parkour we teach people of all ages and abilities the art of Parkour. Whether you are just starting out or want to learn some serious tricks, AP is for you. We offer memberships and drop-in classes to fit your schedule and passion.

Parkour is the art of flow. We love watching people overcome challenges or be "in the zone" That's flow. Studies have shown that increased happiness comes from having prolonged moments of flow in your life. It can be cooking, gardening, martial arts or really anything where one can get "in the zone". That was parkour is and teaches, how to flow. How to be in the moment. And it's a whole lot of fun.

Ever wonder why "Ninja Warrior" is so popular. The audience gets to watch people move through an ever increasingly challenging obstacle course. On the surface, it's just an obstacle course. But we get to watch someone over coming challenges, sometimes failing, but always with a smile. And what truly captures the viewer and holds them is when someone gracefully flows through the course.

We all want to flow through life's obstacles and overcome them with grace, fail with a smile and be awesome. That's Parkour.
Can anyone do Parkour?  Absolutely! All ages and abilities are welcome.
Are you open now?  Probably, just check Google Maps to be sure.
How much does it cost?  $20 to drop in a class or $15 for open practice.
What's open practice?  Its where you are welcome to use the facility as you wish.
What age can I drop off my kids?  You can drop off for any class. Open practice requires a parent if the person is under the age of 15.
What do I have to do to start?>  Simply fill out this form by picking a program. And putting in your information. Then drop in to a class.